succulent plant

[Crassulaceae: Echeveria Agavoides]


Plump and transferable,
foreign to this soil, I snapped
a bit of it from my neighbour’s rock
garden and stuck it in this broken wine glass, quick to take root,
string legs growing
like a lizard’s new tail,
like angel hair pasta slipping
through a colander, like my own
hair halo around my underwater head
but I am North now and the ocean
is so cold I don’t ever go in and my hair
is crisp and dry, submissive to my slouching, sometimes it is lifted by the heat
of the open oven, like roots outstretched into the soilless surroundings, finding nothing solid to bite into, like a cockroach navigating the universe
of my kitchen table, blind antennae twitching confidently.

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